6 ways to use Washi tape in your bujo

Today I will be sharing, after a request from one of my IG-followers, six of the ways that I use washi tape in my Bullet Journal. There are probably a whole lot more ways to use it, (you've just got to be creative and have fun with it!), but these are the most reoccurring ones for me. So without further a due!

Keys, or color coding if you like, are a great way of using washi tape in my opinion. At least if you use the same colors every month. Use them in front of tasks, as highlights under tasks, or in your monthly calendar!

To use washi tape as bookmarks is another favorite of mine. That way you can easily find back to pages of a collection that you have spread over your journal, or to find a specific month, (use a different color for the start of each month), for example.

You can use them minimalistically, like in the photo above, or tape them vertically down at the end of the page (folded half on the front and half on the back of the page), to get more of a color pop.

Out of these six ways, dividers are probably the one I use the least, but it is a great way to divide your morning reflection from your daily tasks in your daily log and get a little color at the same time. (Or divide whatever else you need to keep separate).

You can easily use colored pens for highlighting, but for me (who has more different colored washi tapes than colored pens), this is my way to go. It is an eye catcher that quickly lets me know which task that is the priority when I check in with my BuJo throughout the day.

Ah, my ultimate favorite! Decoration! Tape something here, tape something there. It quickly gives your page some personality and life. If you use photos in you Bullet Journal you can also use them for corners or just simply as regular tape. (You can see more of how I do this on my Instagram.

The final way I use washi tape is simply as background for headers and titles. As with highlights you can use colored pens, but a nice patterned washi tape gives it something else, I feel.

When I use patterned washi tapes as titles I usually cut the same tape, or a color that matches, a little narrower and stick them at the bottom of the page to give the page a completed look.

And as I said, just have fun with it! Maybe you can find ten more ways to use washi tape in your BuJo if you just experiment!

Do you you use washi tape in your BuJo?



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