august setup

Hi! How's your Sunday? Have you set up the new week? I have yet to do it, so I thought I'd show you what my August setup looks like instead!

I like to set up some goals in my monthly log, as well as some smaller goals, to help me achieve my bigger goals, in my weekly log. When plotting them in in my monthly log I frequently get a look at the bigger picture when I go back to plot in new tasks and events.

I love wonky lines, as you can probably tell! I actually have a rule not to use a ruler in my BuJo, as a practise for my perfectionism, and I find I have a soft spot for the imperfection of the "wonkiness".

As you can see it's pretty basic. I like to include a little colour tho, and the colours used are Tombows 177 (dark jade) and 026 (yellow gold).

It's the first time I have an expenses tracker, but I feel like it's about time I step out of the denial of my spending, haha. I hope this will help me a bit!

What do you include in your monthly setup?