inside the rhodia goalbook

I have been wanting to change the book I use for my bullet journaling for a little while. I've had a Nuuna L, and even though I love the crisp white pages and the thick 120gsm paper, I find it too chunky and cumbersome to take with me. I feel like I am missing out on a great deal of advantages of the bullet journal system because I can't be bothered to bring it with me! So I've been in search for a new one and had been eyeing the Rhodia goalbook Panduro have just taken in.

Two weeks ago my parents came home from a trip and they had a neatly gift-wrapped present with them. I noticed a little P sticker on the wrapping, (P for Panduro), and I could immediately tell I was going to be happy with what was inside. I was hoping and hoping it would be one of the Rhodia books, I really wanted to try them out! And I wasn't let down. There it was in all its glory, just waiting for its soft pages to be filled in! (Thank you, mom and dad!)

The goalbooks come in a variety of different colours: cerise, turquoise, purple, black, yellow, red, sapphire, orange, tangerine, silver, anise, iris, chocolate, raspberry, beige, lilac, and taupe like this one, all with orange bands.

The books have a soft cover in faux leather, so - yay for that!

Some specifications of the books.

Always make sure to have a page with your name and some contact information in your journal so that you can get it back if it ever gets lost!

They have the whole of 6 pages dedicated to keeping track of the content in your book. I was a little let down by the fact that these pages where lined, (I have fallen so in love with dot grid), and that they were already measured up, so that it's harder to add pages to collections, but hopefully I will get used to it.

They have a 12 month calendar where you can fill in important dates, like birthdays, events, and trips, just like you would in your bullet journal or planner.

​A 12 month future log where you add tasks, events, trips, appointments and things you need to do or remember, and so on, for the coming months, and migrated tasks.

The pages are already numbered and there are 224 dot grid pages. The book folds nicely and the papers are soft, (like, really soft), and so, so good to write on.

There is a slight ghosting through the pages, (as you can see to the top right in the photo of the future log), but not unsightly so, and not as bad as in the Leuchtturm. In the little time I've been writing in it I find it doesn't bother me much, (and believe you me I would have noticed by now, haha).

It also comes with a handy pocket in the back to store stickers, notes, or paper goods for example.

After two weeks with this book I have already become very fond of it. (So much in fact that I have bought another one to spare). I find that my perfectionism isn’t as bad as with Nuunas ultra white paper for some reason. I feel ivory is more relaxed?

And that was that for the Rhodia goalbook! Have you tried the Rhodia books? What is your opinion on them?