the why

All my life I've relied a lot on my creativity. From my early childhood years when I was making up stories and playing make-believe all day to have something to hold on to in my uncertainty, to finding a home in my music through the loneliness of junior high, to using photography to change my focus towards the beauty around me when there was less beauty within.

These things was enough to help me channel my emotions for some time, but at one point they stopped. Or I stopped. My mental health issues became so strong they paralysed me in a way. I spent almost every hour of every day, for years, fighting to repress these feelings, thoughts and urges that I had. I was repressing my life and myself until there wasn’t much left.

I found Bullet Journaling. It was an easy system to learn and as I got into it, I quickly discovered all the benefits of it, (which I will all list another time), but most importantly it helped me become aware and present in my life again, it helped me claim some kind of ownership of myself. By bulleting my day down on paper I released some of the pressure of what was going on inside of me, I could somehow let it go for a bit. 

This blog will be a lot of things, a place of reflection and afterthought, a diary, a photo gallery, but mainly it is my Bullet Journal journey, where I will share how I use my BuJo for growth and some, hopefully, useful BuJo tips and hacks. It will be a place where I show you how I am rising through the cracks of my mental illness concrete through creativity, and bloom.