week thirty-two

Hello again, guys! A new week is upon us which means a new weekly log. I was a little bit late with mine and finished it yesterday, but it's now done and I am ready to take on the new week!

I am very happy with how this week turned out, and I think I will stick to this setup for a while - it works so well! Clean and straightforward, with no distractions.

I really recommend not trying to fit to much in your weekly log when you first start with BuJo-ing. It's easy to get overwhelmed, not just by the amount of work, but also afterward when you look at it. It's easy to miss what's important. Try to get into the basic system first and expand from there as you go. But - only you know what works for you!

When that is said, it is possible to fit a habit tracker or sleep tracker and still get the space and clarity of the pages, for example by using dutch doors! (If you don't know what that is I recommend the dutchdoor hashtag on Instagram). Or simply using multiple full pages, (but then again, that would decrease the practicality of a clear view of the week).

On my plan this week I have set up to start preparing for an "intro to Bullet Journaling"-series here on the blog. I am really excited about this, and I pray that it will turn out okay and that I can convert more people into this cult, haha!

Anyway - until next time!